Shira Universe has Mitaka based sky generator and media presenter for fixed and mobile domes planateriums. 
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What is new and fixes since previous version

  • Flat image manager in Media Manager

The flat images are presented with this feature by free image browsing on computer.

  • Enhanced Constellations manager

Single constellation art, line or boundary selection manager or seasonal group selection capability.

  • Audio Manager

Play audio files as background sound while presentation by free audio browsing on computer.

  • Multi Language Support

Japanese and French language support.

  • Star trails effect 

Star trail effects with one click. 

  • Dome projector illumination. 

  • Other Planets and Moon landing operations with fade animation.
  • Landscape change according to planets or moon landed.
  • Known location list of Mars,Venus and Moon.

  • Mars atmosphere is created while landing.

  • Fixed Black hole animation.

  • Added more controls with fade animations.
  • Fixed many bugs.


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