New great feature : "Presentation Builder"

Now, you may create your own planetarium program with "Presentation Builder" feature as simple as Microsoft ® Power Point Presentation. Every presentations can include one and more slide pages. Every slides can include more and more presentation items like Flat images, backgrounds, flat movies, sounds, dome-master clip or custom scripts. Also you may convert each slides into script documentation and can edit manually before run. The Presentation Builder opinion owner was Mr.Emanuel Zueger from Vioso Gmbh. 

Sample Presentation Create and Run Video.

Slides can contain items below

- Domemaster clips
- flat images
- flat videos
- Backgroud images
- Sounds
- Fade effects
- Wait to time objects

You can design your own slides by using each of these items.
When presentation design is completed click "Run&Next" button to show your slides. That's it...

Another development and bug fixes.

  • Added "Fit screen" to projector settings window for single fisheye projector to fit screen.
  • Added Elavation & Elevation Planetarium angle change controls on settings window. 
  • Added "Flat Video" play capabilitiy. Can use by scripts below

Movies.playFlatVideo(string path,bool loop);
Movies.pauseFlatVideo(bool pause);

  • Added Mixing feature with background for flat image and flat videos.

Movies.setFlatMixed(bool value)

  • Added background Fisheye image display property with below scripts. 

Images.setBkImage(string filepath);
Images.clearBkImage(bool withfade);
Images.setBkImageRotAngleAnim(double angle);

  • Added target object turn over its axis script function

Camera.startTargetTurn(double duration, double XFactor, double YFactor);

  • Added more "Preset" targets to Target Window and scripts.
  • Added setOrient and getOrient script function. With this functions you an set

Camera orient that learnt from getOrient() function camera orients.
var ori = Camera.getOrient();

  • Added Milkyway changing fade effects and allow milkyway intensity slider on "Sky Window" and script command list.

Milkyway.setIntensity(double value);

  • Script help file was updated.
  • Fixed bug : Landscapes night view mixing with others problem.
  • Fixed bug : Don't run script sound of video files problem. 
  • Some others bugs was fixed.

 You can download Shira Universe from download page..