New feature "Script Recorder" is added to "Shira Universe". Now, with this feature you can create your own planetarium show to play again and again. All console commands, preview screen mouse & keyboard commands can be saved as script commands. 


Please watch video below how to use "Script Recorder" feature.

Another development and fixes
  • Critical bug found on "core.wait" script function. The problem was related reduce of the performance

when used "core.wait" after continuing events. It has fixed.

  • Below new script commands were added

Constels.setArtsColor(vector3f color);
Constels.setBoundColor(vector3f color);
Constels.setLineColor(vector3f color);
Constels.setNameColor(vector3f color);
Constels.showSpringConst(bool val, bool line, bool name, bool bound);
Constels.showSummerConst(bool val, bool line, bool name, bool bound);
Constels.showAutumnConst(bool val, bool line, bool name, bool bound);
Constels.showWinterConst(bool val, bool line, bool name, bool bound);
Constels.showSelected(bool val, bool line, bool name, bool bound)

Camera.showHeadLight(bool value);
Camera.showSurfacePointer(bool value);
Camera.setPosition(double longitude, double latitude);

Planets.setAxisColor(vector3f color);