1.9 version has many new development and new features.

New version highlight listed below

  • Rosetta Spacecraft mission has added
    • Rosetta 3d model with its trajectory has added 
    • 67p/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet has added with its orbit
    • Added "Rosetta near Churyumov-Gerasimenko" to target list as PRESET

  • Added Flat projection screen support

On the projector settings window you can find "Flat Screen" in "Projection System" combobox.
With this feature you can use Shira Universe in Science centers or exhibitions to present on the flat

  • Added Performance Mode button in the Sky Manager.

With this feature output rendering will be more realistic. You can use this feature for planetary and solar system object targetting in general for best performance.

Also with this feature daylight to night passing is more realistic


  • Added a feature that Object Mouse tracking on preview screen while space flight mode.

You can use this feture in space flight mode to show info about objects on dome or bottom of the preview screen.
Also you can double click to object to change target.

  • Constellation window designer has added.

Now Shira Universe has "Constellation Window Designer" like in Shira Player. You can customize
buttons on Constellation Manager Window. 


  • Added Black Hole Animation Script to the script list.

You can present a black hole animation.

  • New Landscape "Fukuoka Panorama" has added by Mr. Osamu Kato.

You can find another Landscapes created by Altair LLC below address.

  • Added some new script commands.

You can download and test Shira Universe from download page..