Blender The “Fulldome Render” which I have created in year of 2009 is a plugin that can be used in Blender 2.49a version. If you stil use old version of Blender you can download script file from this link.
Place the "Spitz_Glom.exe" and "" files from compressed file into script directory in Blender folder. You will notice "Fulldome Render" link in “render” menu on "Python Scripts" window. With Blender 2.5 a new development library is published. I think it will take a long time to upgrade the old codes to new ones. In fact it can not be said that the library is stable. But since ver:2.5 is published we can say that it is advanced.

"Five Camera Render Addon" is (created by Benjamin Waller from Kiel,Germany) developed for Blender 2.5 and upper versions. This script stitches the outputs gathered from five cameras by using “Hugin” open source stitching tool. Also Ron Proctor’s virtual mirror camera is added. You can download original version of script from here. You also have to download and setup the Hugin tool from this link.


To run the script ,firstly place "" file in "blender/scripts/addon" folder. Run Blender 2.63. Click "File->User Preferences" menu. Choose “Addon” tab from the window. Click the Render buton on the left in Categories list. Check the "DomeCam Render". If you also click "Save as Default" button ,you can enable "DomeCam Render" any time you start.

Now let’s open a new Blender file. Notice that “DomeCam” render tab on the bottom region of “Properties” area.  If we clicked (+) button when Fisheye(multicam) is choosed, five camera system is added and ready to be used. We can render  by clicking "Image" or "Animation" buttons.

I have noticed that the “Hugin” tool is slow performance by test. So I have developed the script by using "Spitz_Glom" tool that I have used in Blender’s old version. You can dowload new package from this link. Place the “Spitz_Glom.exe” and “” files from compressed file into "script/addon" directory in Blender folder. The blender will start tor ender when "Glom" is choosed and you click "Image" or "Animation". If "Show Render and Stitch" is choosed , "Image Editor" window will open and the last render frame will be displayed. In my opinion "Spitz Glom" Stitch tool is more performed and stabled.

Warning : This plugin is for Blender 2.63. For download Blender 2.63 click here.

Blender 2.63 & up Plugin

Fulldome Open source 3D tool Blender Films production methods using the training titled, contains the following topics.

  • What is the fulldome animation. What are the fine points to be considered when creating animations..
  • In Blender that I have developed a virtual "Cubic 5 camera system" plugin to create animations using. Methods of combining images taken in the fulldome format conversion... 
  • Fulldome Manager Plugin for Blender 2.49.
  • Weber University OttPlanetarium from Ron Proctor's production virtual 'fisheye' camera formats, creating a dome with a single full-time performing rendering www.ottplanetarium.comOtt planetarium
  • Cubic camera system and what are the advantages and disadvantages between the fisheye camera system.
  • How is the development basic astronomical objects (planets, galaxies, nebulae, etc.) process with Blender tools.
  • Animation basics, giving movements created the celestial bodies. - Detailed studies about the physical effects of Blender 3D.