Shira Universe 3.4 version includes many updates, bug fixes and new features listed below.

* New High resolution Milkyway texture produced by Gaia Project.

Gaia is an ambitious mission to chart a three-dimensional map of our Galaxy, the Milky Way, in the process revealing the composition, formation and evolution of the Galaxy. Gaia will provide unprecedented positional and radial velocity measurements with the accuracies needed to produce a stereoscopic and kinematic census of about one billion stars in our Galaxy and throughout the Local Group. This amounts to about 1 per cent of the Galactic stellar population. (source : )


 * Added Ryugu asteroid 3d model and its trajectory files. more info ( )


* Added Hayabusa2 misson trajectory (xyz file) up to December 2019 (departure date from Ryugu ). Released : Nov.6, 2017  by HAYABUSA2 PROJECT, JAXA .

( Source : ) 

* Added Proper Motion function for HIP stars. 

* Added "Proper Motion" and "Hayabusa2 Rendezvous with Ryugu" animation scripts with music files.


* Developed "Stationary Location Target" feature.  

This feature places you at a fixed location in space, relative to the Sun. Stationary locations can be entered as heliocentric ecliptic Cartesian co-ordinates or heliocentric ecliptic spherical co-ordinates.

* Added Shift+Mouse Left movement while on the space flight mode. It provides to set proper look.

* Now, while target change and moved "Travelling Object" is shown on the preview. Travelling speed to objects were associated to the general speed factor.

* The interaction functions between console window buttons and script commands have been improved.

* Many new script functions are added.

New ArtSatellise class added.
- core.Pause() // Pause the running script and wait to click "Resume" button on the Script manager.
- Time.getYear(), Time.getMonth(),Time.getDay(), Time.getHour(),Time.getMinute(), Time.getSecond()
- Camera.setTargetViewAng(dec, ra), Camera. getTargetViewAng()
- Camera.setPosition(longitude, latitude ), Camera.setPositionAnim(longitude, latitude)
- Camera.setScaleTo(unit, speed)
- Camera.setZoomTo(unit, speed) -- deprecated 
- Stars.enableProperPosition(flag)

-- Added new landscapses
-- Shira Universe User Guide English version is updated.
-- Shira Universe Script helper English version is updated.
-- Fixed some bugs about time commands and movements.

You can download and test from download side.