Contributions of Muslim Astronomers to Modern astronomy.


What is the relationship between Astronomy and Islam ?
Why were Muslims interested in astronomy?

While responding to these questions in the movie, 
it refers to studies and discoveries of 10 muslim scholars who lived in Islamic Golden Age.

The Islamic Golden Age became a melting pot for different ideas and, ultimately, provided much of the knowledge that went on to inspire the great astronomers of the Renaissance to enter our modern world of science.

Production: National Planetarium of Malaysia (Planetarium Negara)
Advisors : Prof. Emerita Datuk, Dr.Mazlan Bt.Othman
Animations : Sureyyasoft Turkey
Distribution : Sureyyasoft & ET 
Genre: Documentary ,CG
Subject: Islam and Astronomy
Duration: 22 min 32 sec
Target Group: family, adults
Format: fulldome 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K / 2D PNG
Sound: stereo
Available languages: English, Malaysian, Turkish

Licensing types : 1 or 3 years leasing

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Flat format of the movie Trailer

Fulldome format of the movie Trailer


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