ShiraPlayer Promotion Video by AltairLLC (Free)

This 6:30 minutes video includes some feature of ShiraPlayer introducing video. It is prepared by Mr.Osamu Kato from AltairLLC Company. You can download 1K version from vimeo link and use as free. 
Mirror Universe : 30-minute film Fulldome educational content.

Universe in the Mirror 

Historical adventure of Hubble Space Telescope..
Hubble's contributions to astronomy science and magnificient photos that it has taken.
Format : 2048x2048 mp4 movie or png image sequence, 1024x1024 mp4 movie
File size: 2048x2048 movie :5.33 GB ; png-sequence: 53.3 GB 
Duration: 30 minutes
Level : Age 9 and up
Low resolution movie link here.

Space Shapes : 8.5-minute film Fulldome educational content.

Space Shapes  (Classical Show)

Low resolution movie link here. 
Sizing Up Space : 12-minute film Fulldome educational content.

Sizing Up Space (Classical Show)

Low resolution movie link here.