The Astronauts are filming beautiful Earth videos from ISS.
This show converted them from square UHD Movie & time lapse to dome master.  The show is very simple story, but you can enjoy the beauty of the earth.  This show has already been screened in 5 planetariums (finished) in Japan. It is expected to increase further.

Production & Distribution: AltairLLC (JAPAN) , 2017
Genre: Live action,CG
Subject: ISS,Earth
Duration: 23 min 46 sec
Target Group: family, adults
Format: fulldome 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K / 2D JPEG or PNG
Sound: 5.1, stereo
Available languages: English, Turkish, Japanese



Full Preview for fulldomes.

Vimeo Click here (password: iss_earth)

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