Wicomico County Public Schools have a planetarium 9.1 meter dome with old equipments in Salisbury. Shira Universe and Shira Player started to be used in the school, which FreeFall Technologies upgraded to the digital system.

Muju Bandiland has a dome of 14.1 meters with 8 projector.  Shira Universe planetarium software, started to be used with existing Vioso setup by the contributions of S.Korea distributor Mega Universe Co.



Mr. Martin Whipp and his team decided to build a fixed dome planetarium a long time ago. They made their dreams come true. After planetarium construction is completed, they decided to use Shira Player and Shira Warper on their presentations with spherical mirror system in 6 meter. Congratulations..




The Youth Center has a dome of 7 meters with single projector.
Shira Universe planetarium software,started to be used in the youth center with the contributions of S.Korea distributor Mega Universe Co.


Now Shira Player are running in Rostock Astromy Station 6 meter fixed planetarium dome. They have single fisheye projector installed by Fulldomedia company.