DIGIS Russian distributor of Sureyyasoft has installed new mobile planetarium to the Ministry of Education and Science of Altai Territory. They started to use Shira Player in astronomy educations with mobile dome single projector fisheye system.

Indonesian distributor Mr. Hendro Setyanto has completed to install a class planetarium in Uin Mataram State Islamic Universtiy which is 5.1 meter dome size with Shira Universe for astronomy education, succesfully.



Skylight Studio is Japan based mobile planetarium services company.  They produced affordable own mobile projection system. CEO Futami Hiroshi decided to use Shira Player and Shira Universe with their projection system.



Mr.Tatekazu Kinbara has Lhoumeau Sky-System Open Project as hardware with 5 meters dome.
He is teaching astronomy to elementary schools and kindergartens as volunteer.



The High School has an astronomical station includes observatory and 8.0 meter fixed planetarium dome. Planetarium includes opto-mechanical projector and single fisheye digital sytem. Mr. Michael Teichert director of the astronomical station decided to use Shira Player in their planetarium.