Shira Player, which works integrated with Shira Presenter, has been updated with the following features:

- 4K console screen compatibility provided

- All screen styles have been updated with a dark black theme like other Shira products.
- The remote control tool has been redeveloped to be web-based.
- The Shira Presenter package was placed in the installation package to provide fish-eye projector output.

With this version, the orbits of all planets and satellites are displayed along with the moon. At the same time, controls have been added to adjust the font settings of all texts that may appear in the dome. In addition, the display of the rings of Uranus and Neptune was provided.

In addition, enhancement has been made to ensure full compatibility with Shira Presenter as a content manager option.


Developed enhanced "Time Line" control for Fulldome player.
Users can now add more than one pause point with auto-resume delay time, easily. And they can save these settings for later use.
Added also loop button for player.

Short video about new "Time Line" control and create pause points. 

Added "Artistic View" check box to View Dialog, Sky Tab, Stars groupbox.
Each star is shown as an art or classical Stellarium view.

Classic Artistic

To dowload please click

In this version
- New script "Rise of Polaris" is added.
- Added Z-rotation function to Fulldome player.
- Some bugs are fixed.
- New script functions are added.

The "Rise of Polaris" script package includes an audio file. It was executed and the frames were recorded with the fulldome recorder. Merged frames and created a video. The produced video can be downloaded from the link below.

With Z-Rotation slider fulldome video can be changed z-axis while playing. Users can use this feature according to their dome orientation.

Shira Player 3.1 version is published with new features. New much more professional "Celestial Sphere" lines added.
- Improved Ecliptic and Meridian lines
- Circumpolar circles
- Celestial Poles
- Pressesion Circles

Added "Spherical Mirror" projection to the multi-projector plugin with "Fine-Tune" feature.

Fixed bugs
- Simple Buttons and Audio Manager were not working, fixed.

You can download from this link.

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