New version desktop application highlights are below

  • Spherical video playing capability

Added spherical video like "ricoh theta" camcorder videos play capability
as fulldome

To play spherical video

    • Copy spherical 360* camcorder videos into your fulldome directory.
    • Start Shira Player and select and play video
    • Shira Player recognizes it automatically.
    • You can change orientation by mouse from preview screen

Sample spherical videos

Spherical format video screenshoot Converted as live in Shira Player

Star Proper Motion script was added to "Favorites".

In this script date-time start from BC 100.000 to end AD 100.000 . Simulate star movement in this time periods. This request was made by Mr. Osamu Kato Altair LLC.


You can find information about "Proper Motion" from below link


Fixed bug list below...

Video Pre-Frame Caching Architecture.



inally, first 64 bit development of Shira Player is completed. In this version video playing architecture was changed completely. Qt and FFMPEG library versions were upgraded to last ones.

Henceforth, it will be using "Frame Caching Architecture" for video playing. Now, up to 3K videos can be played without any drop frames.

What is the Pre-Frame Caching Arch.?

Old versions of the Shira Player were experiencing drop frame problems over 1K videos. To solve this, frames of the first second (it is usually 30 frames) buffered in the memory. As soon as first second of the video is prepared, it begins to play. Thus dropped frame problems will be eliminated. Of course this can be related with videos bitrate and resolution. In addition to save play as stable, Shira Movie Encoder software was developed by using power of FFMPEG. It encodes image sequence or transcodes different codec movies to stable bitrate and fps movies.

Image-1 : Frame Buffer Value Progress Bar

In this version and next, Shira requires splitted video and audio files. The Shira Movie Encoder also provides this operation.

 Image-2 : Shira Movie Encoder

You can download and test new version of ShiraPlayer from download area. Installer includes new "User Guide" and "Shira Movie Encoder" execute files. After install you can see short-cuts for Shira Movie Encoder and User Guide in the windows program list.

Image-3 : After install new package seen program list.


All development and fixes are listed below .

  • 64 bit compiled.
  • All video operations converted to caching system.
  • Developed Shira Movie Encoder
  • Prepared new User Guide
  • Added Video Caching progress bar to the Video Manager
  • Added Flat Media manager Mix with Sky feature.
  • Added Color, brightness and contrast change feature to the Video Manager
  • Added Fly-By manager Fully Illuminated feature to the planets.
  • Added warning while want to play video that has embedded audio.
  • Added Solar System Editor Plugin
  • Fixed star download feature.
  • Fixed Goto Object feature problems.
  • Fixed Star trail performance on multi-projector works.
  • Fixed Sky Writer feature item position problem on multi-projector works.

For more information please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This video is prepared by Osamu Kato (AltairLLC)

1.8.9 version has several new features listed below:

- New Scripts
+ New Horizon Spacecraft Pluto mission script
   Pluto texture taken by "New Horizon" mission, surprize script for this mission. (Include new horizion images and two audio files)

+ Astroid_shira_start, astroid_shira_stop script

- New Landscape manager
  In addition showing sample screenshoot in manager

- New Audio manager
  Audio files path must be audio directory in fulldome path.

- Dome ligting-Illumination projection
    Red,Green,Blue and White color ambient lighting using projector.


 - New reset all function, for return back initial settings. 


- Added new horizon pluto texture
- In flyby operation use click+left mouse rotate globe
- In messier catalog window added new checbox (Hide Landscape & Atmosphere) button
- And some bug fixes.