What is the relationship between Astronomy and Islam ?
Why were Muslims interested in astronomy?

While responding to these questions in the movie,
it refers to studies and discoveries of 10 muslim scholars who lived in Islamic Golden Age.

The Islamic Golden Age became a melting pot for different ideas and, ultimately, provided much of the knowledge that went on to inspire the great astronomers of the Renaissance to enter our modern world of science.

Production: National Planetarium of Malaysia (Planetarium Negara)
Animations : Sureyyasoft Turkey Advisors : Prof. Emerita Datuk, Dr.Mazlan Bt.Othman


Colombia Tierra de Gigantes ( Colombia Land of Giants ) is an immersive production that explores one of the richest periods in terms of fossil findings in Colombia, the Cretaceous period,
Thanks to the fact that at that time a large part of the Colombian territory was covered by a shallow sea, the remains of animals and plants have been very well preserved by sedimentation processes.

Production: Inmerdome S.A.S

Language : Spanish

VR Trailer


Created a video "The Star of Bethlehem" by Altair LLC using Shira Player for all visual effect without CGs. The Shira Player allows to create your own videos like this sample.

Subject of the film: The "Star of Bethlehem", which is said to have won when Jesus Christ was born? About 2000 years ago from now, when prophet Jesus Christ was born, it has been said to be the star of hope in the night sky was shining. The star from the place where he was being referred to as the "Star of Bethlehem" is exactly what the will do? Content is the "Star of Bethlehem", but is not limited to the time Christmas, you can enjoy as a winter program. It takes about 25 minutes.

Warning : This video is not for distribute, but for only Japanese customers. 

You can watch trial video from this link. http://planetarium.to/distribution/bethlehem/ 

The Astronauts are filming beautiful Earth videos from ISS.
This show converted them from square UHD Movie & time lapse to dome master.  The show is very simple story, but you can enjoy the beauty of the earth.  This show has already been screened in 5 planetariums (finished) in Japan. It is expected to increase further.

Production & Distribution: AltairLLC (JAPAN) , 2017
Genre: Live action,CG
Subject: ISS,Earth
Duration: 23 min 46 sec
Target Group: family, adults
Format: fulldome 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K / 2D JPEG or PNG
Sound: 5.1, stereo
Available languages: English, Turkish, Japanese


Full Preview for fulldomes.

Vimeo Click here (password: iss_earth)


ShiraPlayer Promotion Video by AltairLLC (Free)

This 6:30 minutes video includes some feature of ShiraPlayer introducing video. It is prepared by Mr.Osamu Kato from AltairLLC Company. You can download 1K version from vimeo link and use as free. https://vimeo.com/118674879 
Mirror Universe : 30-minute film Fulldome educational content.

Universe in the Mirror 

Historical adventure of Hubble Space Telescope..
Hubble's contributions to astronomy science and magnificient photos that it has taken.
Format : 2048x2048 mp4 movie or png image sequence, 1024x1024 mp4 movie
File size: 2048x2048 movie :5.33 GB ; png-sequence: 53.3 GB
Duration: 30 minutes
Level : Age 9 and up
Low resolution movie link here. https://vimeo.com/45977462

Space Shapes : 8.5-minute film Fulldome educational content.

Space Shapes  (Classical Show)

Low resolution movie link here. https://vimeo.com/16749297 
Sizing Up Space : 12-minute film Fulldome educational content.

Sizing Up Space (Classical Show)

Low resolution movie link here. https://vimeo.com/16197413 

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