Now, Shira Player has Subtitle feature.
Users can create a subtitle file in SubRip Text (*.srt) format for fulldome show in some language. The Subtitle feature supports Japanse, Chinese, Russian and other european language fonts present.
You can change font size, color, word count for each line and can save them. 

Information can be found below link about SubRip files..

To show unicode languages and non latin characters *.srt files should be saved with UTF8 encoding. To do this, you can save the srt file by opening it with notepad ++ and encoding it with UTF8.

The srt file with the same name is placed in the Fulldome folder.

Selecting a movie from the list of Fulldome movies opens the Subtitle Properties frame on the right.
Settings for subtitle font, font color and how many words per line are set here. If desired, save the settings by pressing the "save video settings individual" button.

Shira Player 2.8 version can download from web page download side