This version has two new script and more bug fixed. Done list is below. 

Added Umbra&Penumbra last lunar eclipse at 21 Jan 2019 script.

The penumbra is the part of the Earth’s shadow where the Sun is only partially covered by the Earth. The umbra is where the Sun is completely hidden. The Moon's appearance isn't affected much by the penumbra.

 Shira Universe running Lunar Eclipse script
Image Credit : Nasa -
Added Stellar-Parallax script

This exaggerated view ( about 100000 times ) shows how we can see the movement of nearby stars relative to the background of much more distant stars and use that movement to calculate the distance to the nearby star.

 Shira Universe running Parallax script
Image Credit : 
 While script running, higlighted active script line.

- Added able to show constellation and star names at Stationary location.
- While targetting "Station Location" "Travelling" is shown
- Most smooth takeoff event
- Most realistic planets while landing mode.
- Satellites orbit show display bug is fixed.
- Camera.setOrientAnim script function is fixed.
- Added Audio.getVolume script function

To download and test 3.5 version please click here.