Shira Universe 5.0 is released with a new console concept.

1. In this version the Shira Universe and the Shira Presenter are not embedded but work together :

  •  - Ability to use two separate hardware screens with two separate user interfaces
  •  - Design that will not affect each other in terms of performance

2. Updated to latest Mitaka (1.7.4a) version.

  • - While a celestial object is at the target, another celestial object is anchored to follow the gaze position according to the movement of that object.
  • - Milky Way images provided by Gaia, grayscale support
  • - Interstellar objects
  • - Improved display performance and newly added spacecraft

3. It was ensured that SPr is responsible for all media display and projector output processes.

4. Remote control performance has been accelerated with the new web tool.

5. Support to use without watermark with 30-day trial


Full version package can be downloaded from the download area. Click 


P.S : Because this version includes Shira Presenter, an upgrade fee is required for older users. However, those who have previously licensed Shira Presenter are not included. They just need to apply to get a new license code.


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