Now it is easy to show flat movies and images presentation on dome as warped with "Flat Media Presentation" specification of Shira Player.

Key innovations:
  • To present more than one flat movies and images on dome 
  • Capability of adjusting color specification of flat videos on dome. 
  • To decode enough media format.

to recognize image formats: jpg,png,bmp 
to recognize video formats: avi,mpeg,mpg,mp4,wmv,mov,flv,vob (using ffmpeg codec)

  •  Resize and Rotate media
  •  Declination and Right Angle adjustment
  •  Presenting media On Dome/On Sky properties
Help image for using Flat Media Presentation
Help image for using Flat Media Presentation
Sample recorded fulldome video by Shira Record Module produced with using Flat Present property including High Definition images.
Control Panel & Presentation of Avatar Trailer(1920x800 res.) on dome.
Control Panel & Presentation of Avatar Trailer(1920x800 res.) on dome.
Control Panel & Presentation of Avatar Trailer(1920x800 res.) on dome.

To use "Present Flat Media" specification,firstly path of flat medias has to be defined which would be shown on "Media Browser Panel".

Locate the parameter below in config.ini file with appropriate path.
(Sample setting for "config.ini")
flat_media_path = C:/flatmedia
P.S: Unlicensed users use "Present Flat Media" with watermark image.
Restart the program after setting operation. The appropriate files can be seen on "Media Browser" panel.To do presentation drag and drop selected file under this panel.
To show media with effects use "Fade In/Out" button.

  • Pop-up "Window List" menu and open windows with right mouse click.
  • Change reddish tone function(Nigtview) only on Control Panel for easy use in planetarium's dark condition.
  • Fast quit button is added on "Media Window" 
  • Licensed user informations is displayed on splash window.
Image of "NightView" is turned on and right mouse button is clicked.  
Fixed Bugs
  • Wrong distortion on constellation images is fixed.
  • To display splash screen just on "Control Panel" is provided.
  • Control Panel scroll boxes positions are fixed after starting program.
  • Some another bugs are fixed.
Just known bugs on 1.4.0 version
  • Wrong warping can occur while resizing flat medias over 50%.
Future Plans
  • "Preview Window" as full or partial projection image on control panel.
  • Saving feature of flat media arrangement as a file (for example xml file).Reopen this saved file.
  • Increase capability of flat video presentation.

Shira Player 1.3.5

Fix Bugs 
  • Some general bugs are fixed. 
  • On Location Dialog earth texture did not diplay,fixed. 
  • Satellite Plugin config dialog did not shown on "Control Screen",it is fixed. 
  • Compass marks language set is fixed.
Just The Satellite config Dialog on Control Screen 

Shira Player 1.3.0

  • The output of the spherical mirror was faulty since the 10.2 release of Stellarium. This bug is fixed by Shira Player version 1.3.0.Paul Bourke is briefly addressed in detail the subject of this article.
  • With in an independent folder, settings , the executable file and libraries that contains the installation file has been created.
Faulty spherical warping between Stellarium 10.2 and 11.3 version
Sample control screen of Shira Player 1.3.0
Corrected sample warping outputs by Shira Player verison 1.3.0
Shira Player 1.3.0 1280x1080
Shira Player 1.3.0 1280x1080
Shira Player 1.3.0 1280x1080
Shira Player 1.3.0 1280x1080

Information about old versions.

Shira Player PRO For Multi-projector

As the diameter of the planetarium dome increases, resolution of the images decrease. It seems most appropriate solution is to obtain the image by more than one projector. But this time a software separating each projectors images and forming the transition of the intersection points and performing synchronous movements is needed. It demands a great performance to separate the images and then combining them on dome. "Shira Player Pro" is a software used for setting projections for astronomical images according to projectors and warping-blending operations and producing fulldome images by managing client computers. Shira Player Pro can use all specifications of Shira Player.

Example : Warp setting of "C3" projector .
Example : Blend mask setting of "C3" projector .
Example : Resulted image of "C6" projector.  Number of "C6" projector's resulted image.
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