New features and fixed bugs:  

  • "InitView", "initFov", "auto_zoom_out_resets_direction" values are no longer available in config file. Now ShiraPlayer starts at 180 degree fov and fix view direction for planetarium users. After any object zoom-out return to initial view.
  • "\" "/" keyboard functions ( autoZoomOut autoZoomIn ) are fixed. After auto zooming domeview locates to initial view.
  • While using search dialog, NGC objects and satellites can not be select. This bug is fixed.
  • After click anywhere outside the preview window was unfocused. Now to click on preview window anywhere is again provided to focus on it.
  • Fixed select/unselect object with mouse left / right.
  • "Show with Daylight" checkbox is added into "Media Manager Frames" tab. You can show fisheye frames with daylight or not.

"Show with Daylight" checkbox to effect daylight on frame


  • Satellite plugin settings dialog opening was provided. Add "Show Satellite" checkbox to dialog form for show or hide all satellites.

"Show Satellite" checkbox to show or hide all satellites

  • Flat Presentation texture waves was reduced. I hope in the future versions, it will solved exactly.

Flat Presentation texture waves was reduced.