After 1.5.0 version is published some users reviews showed that spherical distortion quality is not so great. For example from The Sri Sathya Sai Space Theatre ( ) Hari Nandakumar's review ( )

With Paul Bourke's technical support I have added "Use Custom Data" feature to ShiraPlayer. I would like to thank to him.

Shira Player 1.5.1

New Feature

Use Custom Data : 

There are two options for spherical distortion. One of them is "Stellarium based" the otheris "Custom data file".

You can select "Use Custom data file" and try another mesh files for spherical distortion. Also you can use different mesh distortion file for different screen surfaces.


You can use below software for generate custom data, also download "" file from download section.

"Warp mesh patch for Quartz Composer"

"Warped Fish-eye Mirror Projection Adjuster-WAFIMPA"

And Fixed some bugs.

- When "Show Ground" is toggeled in the "Landscape" menu video playback was hiding. This bug has been fixed.

Some test images are below