Some of ShiraPlayer users (using with fisheye or spherical mirror) wanted features that will sensitize warping projector output. For this "Fine-Tune distortion tool" is added to ShiraPlayer to gain more true warped output. This feature is also in ShiraPlayer Pro (for multi-projector system) including blend operations. 

"Fine-Tune tool" is based on texture mapping distortion operations.You can find code and information source link of texture warping and mapping below: (page 9-15)


How to use "Fine-Tune Tool"

- Choose Configration checkbox from Fine-Tune distortion groupbox on Configration Window.
- Grids which is required for fine-tune will be displayed on projector window.
- Drag/drop yellow small squares in grid.
- Complete align operation until you gain sensitivity level you want.
- Click save button to save fine-tune settings
- "warpsettings.xml" file is created in ShiraPlayer path.
- ShiraPlayer projector window will be opened with "fine-tune distortion" settings as long as this file exists.
- To cancel fine-tune distortion use delete button. "warpsettings.xml" file will be deleted permanently.
- Click reset button to return to initial state if you want.

- Warnings

: Fine-tune distortions are not saved without clicking save button.
: No recycling for "warpsettings.xml" file if delete button is used.

 Example video for using "Fine-Tune distortion tool"

This feature is published with version.