Remote web control support has been added to Shira Presenter.
Thanks to this module, Shira Presenter can be controlled from any mobile device. With the jquery mobile library, it is possible to control even from mobile phones.

To download and test.

Integration to Shira Presenter

You can watch the help videos on how to integrate Shira Player and Shira Universe into Shira Presenter from the links below.

Omnidome is open source Fulldome Projection Calibration Software Framework developed by Brook Cronin & Michael Winkelmann.

As Sureyyasoft, the windows compilation of the Omnidome free open source projector mapping calibration software has been successfully completed.
Shira Presenter projector feature can now project using Omnic extension calibration files.
You can use Shira Presenter software in your multi-projector solutions by using the calibration files you create with the Omnidome software in your low-budget projects.
The Omnidome software compilation has also been added to the Shira Presenter 1.2 version package.
To download and test.

If you wish,  you can directly access the source code and windows compilation from the github address below.

Muju Bandiland has a dome of 14.1 meters with 8 projector.  Shira Universe planetarium software, started to be used with existing Vioso setup by the contributions of S.Korea distributor Mega Universe Co.

Wicomico County Public Schools have a planetarium 9.1 meter dome with old equipments in Salisbury. Shira Universe and Shira Player started to be used in the school, which FreeFall Technologies upgraded to the digital system.

The Youth Center has a dome of 7 meters with single projector.
Shira Universe planetarium software,started to be used in the youth center with the contributions of S.Korea distributor Mega Universe Co.


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