Released Shira Universe 6.0 with new features

New improvements

- Added Basic Target screen, which works with drag and drop and contains basic space objects.
- New fader-effect planetary and satellite orbits have been created.
- New 3D models added: Orion Nebula, oumuamua , deimos, phobos, vesta, eros, haumea..
- "Black styled" interface with main windows that can be designed by the user.
- High DPI image support has been added, users will now be able to use 4K monitors.
- Web remote updated
- Presentation Builder has been removed. All presentation preparation operations were made from the embedded Shira Presenter.


The science center planetarium, which has a 9-meter dome and a capacity of 64 seats, was updated using a 5 barco laser projector system.
While the Vioso system was used as mapping software, Shira products were chosen as content production and playback software.
We congratulate Mr. Yener Yalçın, who is responsible for the Planetarium..



Shira Presenter 2.0 has been released with significant improvements.

New version contents

- Presentation Programming Feature : Prepare your own presentation programs very easily.


- Unlimited Flat player : Any amount of Flat players can be added.
- Black Style with docked windows.
- Text display feature added
- Added fisheye projection to the Snowing animation effect
- Updated user guide.
- Subtitle Utf8 and Ascii file support bugs fixed.


Grodzisk Planetarium started using Shira Presenter and Shira Universe software on its single projector system.
The installation process was carried out by our Polish representative Delta SP.J. It was done by.


The planetarium, which includes a 4K single projector installed by FulldomePro, will open in the first quarter of 2024 and will start working with Shira Universe-Shira Presenter integration.


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