The fastest Shira Universe version is 3.9.2.
In this version, the sky engine has been noticeably accelerated and movements are more smooth.
Also some bugs were fixed.
Below is a video recording close-up of IIS at real-time mode.


Mobile system installation using "Shira Universe" was done by MegaUniverse Co. LTD company.
Thank you MegaUniverse Co. LTD and congratulations SokCho High School.

The Santa Fe Children’s Museum builds upon a child’s sense of joy and discovery by cultivating habits of inquiry in the arts, sciences, and humanities.

The Children's Museum Shira Warper started using the software on their spherical mirror mobile planetarium systems.

Japanese Altair LLC distributor signed an interesting project. A 5 meter circular plane was used as the screen and the Shira Player fisheye image was projected. Presentations on constellations will be made to hotel guests.
Congratulations to Mr Osamu Kato from Altair LLC.


Starring Planetarium, which has been performing with Shira Player for a long time, decided to develop its work with Shira Universe.

Congratulations to Mr Makoto Suginaka.