Two important features have been improved in this version. Also, the User's Guide has been updated.

1. Video encrypting and playback by SPr for Fulldome manufacturers or distributors.

Media Content Protection

Crypto technology has been integrated into Shira Presenter to protect the media content rights of Fulldome video producers and distributors. For this, the "Media Protection" product of MARX® Software Security GmbH was preferred. For more information, “Encryption of digital media content with the CRYPTO-BOX”  Added Shira Cryptor application to the new Shira Presenter package. You can encrypt your videos with the Crypto-Box usb dongle product provided by SureyyaSoft. By distributing your encrypted videos to your customers with 1 hardware dongle, you prevent your videos from being distributed and used without your permission. Crypto-Box usb dongle used in Shira Presenter is TAA compliant. 

 2. Effects library for the media source.

The feature of adding 25 effects that can be applied to each presentation source has been improved.


The University was served by Indonesian distributor Imah Noong. They started using Shira Player in the mobile planetarium. 

Cosmos Planetarium

Cosmos planetarium is a state of the art, fully digital, 360° immersive multi-media theatre experience. Their 6 metre mobile planetarium can accommodate up to 40 children or 25 adults - no need for expensive transport costs as they come to you!

Now, Steven Gray from The Cosmos Planetarium is testing and using ShiraPlayer...

2023-Updated : Steven Gray, former customer and new distributor of Sureyyasoft products, owner of Cosmos Planetarium, has updated their software. Started using Shira Universe and Shira Presenter. 

 Shira Universe and Shira Presenter started to be used in Xplore Science Center planetarium. 

SU version 4.1 has been released.

Aurora Borealis effect simulation feature has been added in this version.
In order to see this effect, you need to be located in a region between 55 south and 75 north latitudes on earth. For example, Stockholm, Sweden. The effects that start close to sunset will continue until the morning light.



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