The most significant improvement in this release was the remote web control tool feature. OpenSpace 0.18.1 release bug pack and Shira Presenter 1.5 release pack have been updated.
Made some minor bug fixes.

The "Remote Web Control" tool, which can be used with IPAD or Android tablets, includes a very performant Joystick.
To activate, enable it from the settings menu.



In this release
- Added support for showing subtitles or captions.
If any video ( fulldome or flat ) has a subtitle or caption file with the same name with "srt" extension, you can show it to the audience. You can set the color, character and the maximum number of words you want to appear on each line.

- NDI Sender support added.
Thanks to this feature, support has been given for the use of separate Control Machine and Media Server as in multi-projector systems.

Click for other features of Shira Presenter.

To download and test.

Shira Presenter included an excellent media playback infrastructure. This excellence is combined with OpenSpace's excellent control base. No code changes were made in the OpenSpace program. New features have been added for planetarium use thanks to the asset development and addition feature.
Shira Dome Console works in online mode by default. So a live internet connection is required.  When the program is run for the first time, approximately 6 GB of OpenSpace data will be downloaded. It takes between 30-60 minutes depending on the internet speed.
Software package contents
* OpenSpace version 0.18.1
* Shira Presenter version 1.6

  Overview Images from Shira Dome Console

Congratulations to Yang Wang Xing Kong!
They started using Shira Universe on their 12 meters diameter dome with 8-multi projector system.
China distributor Ray-Digital made the sale.


The fastest Shira Universe version is 3.9.2.
In this version, the sky engine has been noticeably accelerated and movements are more smooth.
Also some bugs were fixed.
Below is a video recording close-up of IIS at real-time mode.


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