This version published with some improvements and bug fixes.

- Galaxy images replaced with high resolution colored ones.
- Added most known Deep Space Objects high resolution textures on the 3D Sky.


- The target object information is shown along with the distance on the preview screen.
- Added "Orion Nebula Travelling" script ( orion_goto.sus )
- Produced fulldome 2K frames and created fulldome video


Mr. Martin Whipp and his team decided to build a fixed dome planetarium a long time ago. They made their dreams come true. After planetarium construction is completed, they decided to use Shira Player and Shira Warper on their presentations with spherical mirror system in 6 meter. Congratulations..

DIGIS Russian distributor of Sureyyasoft has installed new mobile planetarium to the Ministry of Education and Science of Altai Territory. They started to use Shira Player in astronomy educations with mobile dome single projector fisheye system.

Now Shira Player are running in Rostock Astromy Station 6 meter fixed planetarium dome. They have single fisheye projector installed by Fulldomedia company.

In this version
- New script "Rise of Polaris" is added.
- Added Z-rotation function to Fulldome player.
- Some bugs are fixed.
- New script functions are added.

The "Rise of Polaris" script package includes an audio file. It was executed and the frames were recorded with the fulldome recorder. Merged frames and created a video. The produced video can be downloaded from the link below.

With Z-Rotation slider fulldome video can be changed z-axis while playing. Users can use this feature according to their dome orientation.